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Just Jump

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When in doubt ... 


Organic, fair and funky

We make sure that are suppliers are as funky as we are. Their products are organicresponsibly made and as harmless as possible. Love your people and your planet as much as you love your boulders.

  • medium fit - not to baggy to get in the way, not too tight to restrict movement,
  • 150 grams per square metre - this means it's light and breathable,
  • quality and durable graphic print,
  • superb for climbing or styling around town.
  • could be funky present for buddy boulderer


Sizing chart

Check product photos. Sizing chart is posted there.

Shiping costs

  • planet Earth without USA: 7,50 euros
  • USA: 9,80 euros


Shiping time

Funkybeta project is still in a beta phase so we print and we ship once a week. We need three to five days to produce it and up to a 10 days to deliver it (depending on where you live).


If in doubt just ask