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Funkybeta Bouldering FAQ

When I can expect my Funkybeta T-shirt?

Funkybeta project is still in a beta phase so we print and we ship once a week. All Funkybetas are printed on demand. We need three to five days to produce it and up to a 10 days to deliver it. Maybe is a bit long but ... always remember that you will have it one of the first in the world.


We accept card payments by Visa, MasterCard, American Express and we accept payment through bank transfer. Upon receiving your order we carry out a standard pre-authorisation check on your payment card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfil the transaction. Please note that the products will not be dispatched until the pre-authorisation check has been completed. Your card will be debited once the order has been accepted. All payments are handled by Mollie. Mollie is is a Dutch payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments.

Adress: Mollie BV, Keizersgracht 126, 1015CW Amsterdam, Netherlands

Shipping costs

We ship all over the world so the cost depends on where you live. For example  if you boulder in Frankenjura, Germany, or Gjerdalen, Norway, Magic Wood, Switzerland, or Prilep, North Macedonia, the postage is 7,50 euros. And if your boulders lie on the small island of Tonga in Pacific Ocean the cost will be also 7,50 euros. If you climb and live near Joshua tree in the USA the postage is 9,80 euros.

The shipping costs with tracking per 250g (1-or 2 T-shirts):

EU, UK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Eastern Europe ....... 7,50 euros

USA ...... 9,80 euros

Rest of the world ...... 7,50 euros (for some countries only the entry tracking is available)

How can I return my Funkybeta?

Oh why would you do that?

Pls understand that we are really small business in beta (sic) phase - more fun than business - so pls let's make Funkybeta a point of  no return.

Pls, pls, pls before buying carefully measure your favourite T-shirt and select the right size. And if it still doesn't fit or you just don't feel comfortable in it Funkybeta T-shirt is perfect gift  to your bouldering or climbing friend + in that case you will get our eternal gratitude. And if you still can not live with it you can return it on our address:

Funkybeta Bouldering
(Samo Geršak)

Poljanska cesta 20c

1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia Europe

But unfortunately you have to cover postage.

Can I exchange my Funkybeta?

We are really sorry but at the moment you can't exchange your Funkybeta t-shirt. So pls pls pls measure yourself carefully.

Print Quality

How long the design will last depends on how you will treat/wash them. Always turn the T-shirt over before washing so that the design is on the inside and never never never tumble dry them.

Textile Quality

We choose the fabric with optimum prize performance, with an idea that you can change t-shirt quickly so you are not stuck with one design or colour all the time. Remember every month new five or six designs – subscribe to funkynews to be informed.

All our textile is organic and – what is really important to us –  the manufacturer is Fairware trade member.

Different colors?

Contact us and we will see what we can do.

If in any doubt contact us

Samo - +386 41 761 041, samo @ funkybeta . com 


Pls pls pls measure your favourite T-shirt and then select the right size. Size charts for every shirt are available in the size guide section of the product page.