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How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Read me first

((To read Lessons Bouldering Teaches You right away, just scroll down or  download the pdf.)


Some kind of intro to Lessons bouldering teaches you


What's the deal with bouldering?

Is it just climbing rocks and holds? Well, it's not just about reaching the top it's about rock climbing philosophy, my friend. Bouldering can teach you some serious life lessons that you can apply both personally and professionally. That's right, climbing up a rock can make your daily life easier! And this article is exactly about that, how to apply the lessons bouldering teaches you in your daily life.

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Some of these lessons bouldering teaches you may sound like they were invented by a mad psychologist. But if you really think about them, you'll find some valuable insights that you can apply in your everyday life. 

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

So, read these lessons, have some laughs, and think about them from time to time. Who knows, maybe you'll even become the next “bouldering” guru in your office or neighborhood.

Don't worry, we promise no pictures of naked gorillas. Just some bouldering photos from different locations that will make you say "wow".

(Don’t know what is bouldering? Check this Wikipedia Bouldering description - but then you are in serious danger that you will start to boulder in your neighborhood gym or nearby rocks.)

Your trainer told you so

To be honest, all of these lessons are taught by trainers during workouts, they just use different words. At least, that's what my local gym trainer does.  

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

However, in some cases, their support can come really close to lying. For instance, when I m  already in a completely pumped and half-dead state on the wall, and he screams, "The next hold is a jug!", I know that at best it's a jug for Italian-style espresso (if it's a jug at all). But I appreciate his effort in trying to push me even further.

(In fact, in training, we have to fall off the wall when we really can't hold anything anymore - if you just jump down you risk 10 push-ups. You shouldn’t jump off you have to fall off 🙂.)

Additionally, you can find lessons of rock climbing philosophy and lessons of other bouldering skills in various forms on YouTube or elsewhere on the web. For example, we enjoy watching lessons in Lattice Training.

Just in case you wonder who we are and why we write 

We are a Slovenian boulder-hugging threesome. We wholeheartedly support people who climb with clothes on. Furthermore, we decided to make some t-shirts, especially for them (check them out and have some laughs).

As Peter once said, our rock climbing philosophy combines the teachings of the legendary Muhammad Ali and the famous Isaac Newton: 'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,' and 'What goes up must come down.' We aim to embody these teachings by floating like a butterfly and falling like a stone.

With the eventual profit, we will go on a bouldering trip - most probably bouldering areas nearby Prilep, Magic Wood, Maltatal, or in the "notverylikely" case of tremendous sales records - Font.

We promise we will send you a "thankyou" newsletter with funky pictures of our sends, fails, and everything in between. But first, you should subscribe :))))))

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Peter, one of the co-founders in an a moment when he realized that gravity is a bitch.

More embarrassing facts about us can be read here.

(Also you can check our home gym - the biggest bouldering gym in Slovenia, the land of serious climbers. Just in case you are nearby and your fingers have a bouldering itch)


We totally dig these four “Lessons bouldering teaches you”:

“The fine art of procrastination”

Oh man, we love being lazy. We're proud members of the Lazy Cats United.

"The power of perseverance"

It's an absolute must-have quality, as any entrepreneur would tell you. 

“The importance of ignoration”

The importance of ignoring those pesky inner voices  …

“The power of positive self-talk” 

Once you master that, you're halfway there.


Wanna read it in Pdf format? (Txt, bouldering photos + 2 additional lessons) 10 life lessons bouldering teaches you + 2 bonus lessons


10 life lessons bouldering teaches you

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
The author of the photo Janez swears that this is the exact moment of the fall from the story below and a broken rock can be seen on the left. I can't see anything even if I enlarge the photo several times.

1. "The art of falling"

The only way to progress is to fall down and get back up again. Bouldering teaches you that falling is a part of the game and how to do it safely and in style. 

It's about embracing the process of learning, pushing your limits, and overcoming your fears. The art of falling is not just about physical skills, but also mental resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. It's a valuable lesson that can be applied to many areas of life.

The art of falling is not just about learning how to fall safely, it's also about learning to embrace the unexpected and enjoy the ride. So don't be afraid to take a leap of faith, even if it means you might end up on your butt (literally or figuratively :).

And never forget that, if you do fall, at least you'll have a great story to tell. 

My bouldering story: "Remember that time I fell off the boulder because the rock I was holding on to broke off? Yeah, me too. It was epic. I shit in the pants. Totally."

Or business one: “It was sooooo embarrassing when after the pitch the potential client said that they have a completely different vision.”

The falling is not a failure, it's gravity (or life) having more fun than you. So laugh and go on.

If you wanna express your attitude towards gravity and make your fellow boulderers smile, check out this tee.


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

A moment of rest, licking wounds, and taping fingers in Trenta valley.

2. "The fine art of procrastination"

Sometimes it's better to take a break and come back stronger, rather than rushing through a problem. Being lazy is sometimes justified.

And this is really fine art. It's a delicate dance between useful relaxation and overdoing it. But don't worry, you've got this. Whether is taking a nap, or just staring off into space, taking a break is a necessary part of productivity. 

And who says you can't be productive while taking a break? Maybe you'll come up with the solution to that problem you've been working on for hours while you're just … doing nothing. Or maybe you'll have a breakthrough while you're snacking something.

The possibilities are endless! Just send your problem away mentally for a while and make room in your head for new solutions.

So go ahead, take that break, and come back stronger than ever. Just be sure to set a body timer so you don't accidentally turn your break into a full-blown procrastination marathon.


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
One of the lessons bouldering teaches you is that you can always find a path to the next boulder. (Podljubelj, Slovenia)

3. “The importance of finding your own way”

Even if a solution works for everyone else, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Sometimes you have to find your own beta.

Just like how not all haircuts are suitable for everyone (I'm looking at you, bowl cut), not all solutions are suitable for every problem. Sometimes you need a customized solution, like a tailored suit or a personal pizza. 

So don't be afraid to think outside the box and come up with your own unique approach. After all, as they say, "If the shoe fits, wear it. But if it doesn't, don’t!” Seem so obvious so why not use the same approach to bouldering.

So trust your instincts, take some risks, and remember that the best solutions often involve a little bit of creativity and a lot of trial and error. And who knows, maybe you'll discover a new beta that will make everyone else wonder why they didn't think of it first!

And trust me, some of the solutions are weird at first but always remember climbing saying, "Beta is just a suggestion.” and that the betabreakers have more fun. 


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Gravity is a bitch and granite is its evil brother. (Arzachena, Sardinia)

4. "The beauty of the struggle"

The hardest problems are often the most satisfying to complete is one of the lessons bouldering teaches you.

So embrace the struggle, just like you would embrace a slice of chocolate cake covered in frosting. It may not be easy, but it sure is sweet. And let's be real, who wants a boring, plain old vanilla cake anyway? 

The beauty of the struggle lies in the challenge, the growth, and the satisfaction of finally reaching the top. It's like a rollercoaster - the best part is the climb, even if it makes you scream and shout along the way. So strap in, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride. Because the struggle may be real, but the rewards are even sweeter.

The phrase "this problem is a piece of cake" is a complete lie! It's going to be hard, but delicious.


(you can download pdf "10 life lessons bouldering teaches you" with additional two lessons + some boldering pics from different areas (10MB))

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Peace talks with the stone bird after one semi-serious fall from it in Arzachena, Sardinia.

5. “The art of communication”

The only thing harder than bouldering is explaining to your non-climbing friends why you do it. And if you succeed in doing that, then you can explain anything.

Communication is like climbing a big wall - it requires patience, persistence, and a lot of hand gestures. But if you can successfully explain the difference between a crimp and a sloper to your non-climbing friends, then you're pretty much a communication ninja. And let's be real, that's a way cooler title than "project manager" or "team leader". 

So keep practicing your communication skills, and remember that sometimes you just need to simplify things down to the basics - like using a stick figure drawing to demonstrate a beta sequence. Hey, whatever works, right?

 Just like in climbing, the key to good communication is finding the right balance between being clear and concise, and being creative and flexible. And if all else fails, just yell "beta!" at the top of your lungs and hope for the best. It works in climbing, right?

Last summer I was sailing with some non-climbing friends and when I started talking about climbing … you should have seen their eyes.


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

The seek and hide in the beautiful bouldering area in Arzachena, Sardinia.

6. "The art of the 'dyno'"

One of the lessons bouldering teaches you is also that sometimes you have gotta go for it and make a big leap of faith. 

The 'dyno' is like a trust fall, except instead of falling backward, you're launching yourself forward like a human projectile.

It's like being a superhero, but without the fancy suit or the superpowers. And let's be honest, not every dyno is going to end with you sticking the hold like Spiderman. 

Often you'll miss the mark and fly off into space like a rocket ship. But that's okay, it's all about the process. And who knows, maybe the next time you try the dyno, you'll nail it like a champ. 

So keep practicing, keep launching yourself into the unknown, and keep embracing your inner flying rubber chicken. Because in the end, it's not about the destination - it's about the journey (and the occasional mid-air flailing).

So every time you are in doubtJust jump. and this shirt can always remind you of that.


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
The strong climber and boulderer Nina progressing in limestone boulder in Trenta valley. The spotter's hands of an unknown owner don't look super convincing.

7. "The power of perseverance"

A bouldering place is a place where gravity is making fun of you. (Did I already mention that gravity is a bitch?) Sometimes the key to success is not giving up, and to keep trying and pushing through even when things get tough.

Perseverance is like a good pair of climbing shoes - it may not be the most glamorous thing, but it's essential if you want to get to the top. And just like how climbing shoes may smell a little funky after a long day at the gym, perseverance may require a few extra doses of deodorant to combat the stench of failure. 

But that's okay, because with every attempt, every fall, and every tiny bit of progress, you're getting closer to your goal. So keep pushing, keep trying, and keep embracing the power of perseverance. Because in the end, the victory will taste even sweeter when you know how hard you worked for it. 

For sure you know the quote from Winston Churchill:

“Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give up, except to convictions of honor and good sense.”


How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
The self-proclaimed Ph.D. in Theoretical Bouldering tries to visualize himself at the top of the boulder in the beautiful bouldering area in Arzachena, Sardinia.

8. "The power of visualization"

Becoming a Ph.D. in Theoretical Bouldering is a path you don't want to follow. 🙃 But some visualization is a powerfull tool. Bouldering teaches you to imagine yourself completing a problem before you even try it, and how to see the impossible as possible. You have to see yourself at the top before you reach it.

Visualization can be applied to many things in life, like trying to convince yourself that eating a whole pizza by yourself is totally okay because, hey, it's technically just one serving size. Or, if you're really skilled, you can even visualize yourself as a superhero, like Spider-Man, and maybe you'll even start climbing walls like him (although don't blame me if you end up stuck on the ceiling).

So, let's all take a moment to visualize a world where we are all Ph. D.s in something cool and obscure. Who knows, maybe one day we'll all be experts in finding Bigfoot or going back in time to fix our embarrassing high school moments. The power of visualization is truly endless and slightly ridiculous.

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

Laura is desperately searching for the ccsc* in Podljubelj boulder area, Slovenia. (ccsc* - credit card size crimp)

9. “The importance of ignoration”

Another lesson bouldering teaches you is that the only way to climb a route is to ignore all the voices in your head telling you:

  • - that you can't
  • - that you should be doing something more productive
  • - that you're going to fall and die
  • - that there is a beer waiting for you.

Oh yes! The power of ignoration can help you conquer fear and trust issues.  So the next time you're clinging to a rock face or facing a business problem or challenging your best buddy in beer pong, just pretend those voices are a pesky telemarketer and hit that ignore button.

You'll be at the top of your game in no time, feeling like a total badass.  

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You

“WTF?” (Time to start with lesson 10.)

10. "The power of positive self-talk"

Important lesson bouldering teaches you is to talk yourself through a problem and convince yourself that you can do it, even when things seem impossible. You know how it goes: "If you think you can, you can, if you think you can't, you're right."

But let's be real, sometimes it's hard to believe in yourself. That's where positive self-talk comes in! Just pretend you're your own hype man and shout encouraging phrases at yourself like "You got this!" or "Crush it, champ!" or “Jogi The Bear is for real!” (maybe you can miss the last one).

Sure, you might look a little crazy to other people, but who cares? You're the one sending the route! And if all else fails, just channel your inner animal and scream "Rocky-docky-thing-ling!" at the top of your lungs and pure embarrassment will push you through. Trust me, it works.

Remember: Everything is impossible until it’s done.


Conclusion: From “I climb rocks” to “I rock”

Bouldering isn't just about climbing rocks, it's a way of life that can transform you! You'll learn to handle failure with grace, procrastinate with purpose, and find your own way. 

These life lessons bouldering teaches you aren't just useful on the bouldering wall, they're applicable to your everyday life, whether it's in your business or personal life. Communication, perseverance, visualization, etc. are all key to success in any venture, and bouldering teaches you to master them all.

So read a copy of our free PDF 10 life lessons bouldering teaches you, read two bonus lessons, and get ready to unleash the power of bouldering in your life.

Remember, as they say in the bouldering world, betabreakers have more fun and more success in everything they do! You can share it or you can have it or you can do with it some things we can not even imagine.

BTW From time to time we shamelessly share ideas, betas, news, a bit of promo,and other bouldering trivia like the following ones:  

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
 Fritz, the ultimate funkybeta model

Fritz lived at the flea market in Cologne. After relocating to Ljubljana he spent several peaceful years in our living room. Then he starts new career and becomes the ultimate funkybeta model. His climbing motto is: "Always climb with your head!" (probably because he is legless).







How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
Here's hard proof that "Gravity is a bitch and granite is its evil brother".

The picture is from our first trip to Prilep, Macedonia (Then as a young boulderer and not-so-young man:). Prilep is great, but the granite evidently completely destroyed my skin. After two years, we planned a second trip. However, the day before leaving, the driver and owner of the car contracted COVID-19. It's always "next time" :)

How to Get Better in Life with Bouldering - 10 Life Lessons Bouldering Teaches You
T-shirt graphic suitable for people who believe they can. 

Made out of pure sloper frustration. But one thing reassures me. The female version of the shirt (Future sloper queen) is worn by the one and only Mina Marković, a true climbing legend, 9a climber, World Championship medalist, and World Cup winner, among other things. And if she believes in progress and makes fun of herself, who am I to give up?

So take a step into the funky world and subscribe to the Funky newsletter (you will also receive a 10% discount for your first purchase). May the funk be with you (at least 17 minutes per day).

This txt is not human

Well, I needed some inspiration.

I remembered that Sam Altman, the cofounder of openAI, once stated that chatGPT is an ideal coworker. That's why I asked my “new colleague” chatGPT: “What lessons bouldering teaches you?”. 

After some editing and rewriting its (hers? his? theirs?) answers are humorous. But bouldering also teaches us that a sense of humor is essential if you want to enjoy climbing, especially when things get hard.

Remember to have fun (otherwise is just work:).

Stop reading immediately

any unauthorized sharing or mentioning is strictly WELCOME and if you come to our home climbing gym Bolder scena we will pay you a beer out of pure gratitude. I always wonder if anyone will ever read this I always wonder if anyone will ever read this. any txt mistales are not incidental. copyrights: Funkybeta bouldering; photos: Vera, Alma, Janez, Samo; ilustrations: Samo, GoArt

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